In Raleigh, I am continuing the conversation and submitting legislation on the issues that affect you directly.

The most important challenges facing us today are jobs and economic development. Our state needs to promote policies that attract new investment and promote growth of existing companies. We need to develop a comprehensive package of programs and policies that will focus on supporting small businesses who are struggling with technical assistance and access to capital. The state needs to actively pursue policies that assist NC businesses as they adapt to the evolving energy renaissance in the United States.

North Carolina's students must be encouraged to pursue and master the biological and physical sciences, mathematics, engineering, and reading. We must think globally in order to execute locally, creating jobs by developing new products and processes. We must embrace education as a lifelong enterprise, and allow out-of-date Industrial Age distinctions between secondary education, community college and university to be replaced by institutions which support our abilities to learn and adapt well beyond our 20s. To effectively train 21st century students we must be prepared to individualize instruction and utilize the amazing technological tools at our disposal.

Charlotte is the hub of a multi-county region. The challenges and promise of our region go beyond city/county boundaries. Increasingly we must look for regional solutions to challenges in transportation, environmental stewardship, resource management, energy, economic development, and planning. All of these issues pose challenges in coordination, funding, and governance. The state of North Carolina, in partnership with local governments, must take the lead in defining this new 21st century regionalism.

I believe that the State should provide incentives for individuals and business to adopt policies and practices that improve water and energy efficiency. The State should promote the lowering of water/sewer, electrical rates for consumers who reduce their consumption; provide incentives for construction and renovations that meet or exceed green building council standards, use renewable energy, recycle water, plant climate appropriate ornamental vegetation. Each of these choices opens up new business opportunities, creates jobs and helps keep our economy healthy.

I ask for your support and your VOTE during the 2016 election cycle. 

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